Ukraine Scams

Here you will find information to help keep you from being a victim of scams in Ukraine. Some of these scams are not limited to Ukraine but other parts of the world also. First we have the the money dropped on the ground scam, even fake and real police have been involved in this scam in Ukraine, You see money in a clear bag or it is intentionally dropped in front of you., If you pick it up along comes a couple more people to help empty your pockets this is probably the most used scam in Ukraine. Another scam I have seen in Ukraine is a nice looking woman will come up to you frantic about something, wanting some sort of help if you go with her the friends are waiting to relieve you of your cash and wallet. Those are just a few of the scams I have seen in Ukraine next we will tell you about dating scams in Ukraine.

Airport scam

at the airport is a man named Dema who will try to befriend you. he will ask for a few Grivna to get his car from parking, then a policeman will ask you if he is your friend and search your luggage and wallet to see how much to take from you.

 Dating scams

Since A lot of web sites use a pay per letter format you need to understand the agency in Ukraine are paid to respond to the men who write them, the latest is the web cam or video response where you pay by the minute. As one customer in Ukraine put it there are cheaper forms of entertainment. We have some Sites listed on Our links page and an affiliate link that are not like these agency's you need to seperate the girl from the agency. All the company's in Ukraine on our links page have been used by or recommended to us. There is also the agency scam where you are pressured to use there apartment, interpreter, transportation when in Ukraine, in effect they become the middle man and charge extra. Next there is also what is called a social where an agency has a lot of girls show up to meet men in Ukraine, we have had mixed reviews about these some like them for making new friends others consider it a meat market. The one scam I have seen for socials in Ukraine is the shopping, A few smart girls know western men have a hard time saying no to a beautiful girl who smiles or tells you its her birthday. the best advice I can give is never send money.

Here is the most recent one I have seen where an agency in Russia uses a web crawler to download your profile and information from a site then spam you with letters from women. I get letters from beautiful Ukrainian women asking me questions and for a few hundred Euros I could sign up and answer.

now for a little about how to tell if the lovely Russian girl you are coresponding with is real. First google her name and a few lines from her letter and see what you find. second if she talks about a dream she had of the two of you together in seductive or sexy ways that could be a bad sign. Does she answer all the questions in the letters you write to her? will she give you her address and phone number?