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Travel to Ukraine (also known incorrectly as The Ukraine) can be quite a challenge without a little help. We here at easyukraine have made travel to Ukraine a little easier. You can find resources and links to services that will make your stay in Ukraine a snap. We have Apartments, translators, as well as news about Ukraine, you can even find articles about dating Ukrainian girls. We have compiled a list of things to take and who to contact for accommodations, translators, transportation including the Kiev subway (Metro), Ukraine rail system and even a few Ukrainian dating agency's from small city's.

All of the free business ads listed on our links page are either used by our staff or recommended to us by a person using there services. On our tips page you can find useful information for clearing customs, cell phones and what to pack for a stay in Ukraine. Our travel pages cover different city's with maps including Kiev, Sumy, Odessa, Yalta and Kharkov. with more being added as we travel and explore this beautiful country called Ukraine. If your interested in dating girls from Ukraine check out our affiliates we have only the best. Also check our scam page that keeps you up with the latest Russian and FSU dating scams.

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